About us

Kokitkar builders & developers, entered into the field of construction in 1950 keeping in mind the customer’s requirement of a dream house. Their ultimate goal is that a house should not be just of four walls and a roof but a home to dream of and ultimately live in. we offer affordable rates for apartments, ownership flats, shops and offices for the people who dream of their own house or business.

“Kokitkar” is a trusted name in building construction in and around Sangli district. Kokitkar is a group of persons engaged in different civil construction activities – including the development of sites, construction of business and shopping complex and residential flat systems. The construction works completed by the group also includes factory godown, construction of telephone exchange building, office and staff quarters building for telecom department as per cpwd specifications. The group has recently executed various construction and telephone lines – OFC (optical fiber cables) laying contract works through renowned companies like Hindustan cables ltd., I.T.I, T.C.T.I, etc.

here we appreciate the emotions that are attached to a home. Buying a home is an investment of a lifetime, the single most important decision that you make. And that’s why we build homes, not houses!

Our Team

Mr. Anil Kokitkar

Contact no. : 9422041255
BAI Founder Member and Ex-President 1995-1996
CREDAI Ex-President 2000-2001

Mr. Sunil Kokitkar

Contact no. : 9422041155
BAI executive member & Ex-president- 2012-2013 & 2013-2014
CREDAI Executive Member

Mr. Tejas Kokitkar

Contact no. : 9422041100

Next generation, young entrepreneur at Kokitkar Builders & Developers. Civil engineer and young business leader.